FCC - Flashlube Catch Can Pro


Diesel/Gas crankcase fume/solids filter

Manufacturer: Flashlube

The Flashlube Catch Can Pro is an oil-air separator, designed to protect modern engines by filtering out any oil mist, fumes or condensation before it reaches sensitive engine components. This means cleaner delivery of air and an effective reduction in carbon build up in the inlet manifold, preventing intercooler contamination and slowing turbo bearing corrosion.

Environmental laws prevent the release of oil mist or fumes into the atmosphere, forcing it to be recirculated back into the combustion chamber, converting some of this mist into a hard carbon substance which gradually builds up around the walls of the EGR valve, inlet manifold, turbo bearings and intercooler, resulting in a severe loss of power and efficiency and potentially expensive damage.

As diesel fuel naturally burns dirty, this can cause major issues in common-rail engines, and requires an effective solution.

Kit contains hoses, clamps, fittings, 50 ml sample FL Diesel Conditioner


  • Compact size: 146mm high x 116mm wide x 137mm deep
  • Large 19mm inlet and outlet ports for easy installation
  • Pressure/vacuum relief valves avoid over-pressurizing engine
  • Manufactured under license in Germany
  • Replaceable Oil / Air Separator made by several unique layers of specially designed threads
  • Vehicle specific fitting kits also available.

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