Harrop / Eaton E-Locker Overview

For years, the best kept secret in Australia has been a unique combination of American technology and Australian craftsmanship. In collaboration with Eaton Corporation, Harrop developed the Harrop Eaton ELocker Differential for a range of popular 4WD vehicles.


Harrop Engineering is a licensed master distributor committed to supporting Eaton Corporation with the manufacture of Positive Displacement Superchargers and Traction Control Products for low volume applications. Harrop and Eaton share a synergy for research and development that has provided Harrop the ability to work with Eaton on the design, development and delivery of world class products.


Developed by Harrop Engineering in collaboration with Eaton Corporationthe Harrop Eaton ELocker supports a range of popular 4-wheel drive vehicles, including offroad competitors and rock-crawlers. Harrop manufactures these electrically actuated, four-pinion locking differentials in Australia.  

To learn more watch the Harrop Eaton ELocker - Technical Overview Video

Here is a quick video on Eaton-based elockers in the field.

And here is another video showing the operation of an Eaton ELocker - watch the actuator as it moves to engage the locking system 

Your electronic, push button solution.

The ELocker's electromagnetic locking mechanism is the next generation of aftermarket differential technology. It performs as an open differential until you decide that you need more traction, it is designed expressly for 4-wheel drive systems to give you the ability to lock or unlock the differentials when necessary. 


No airlines, no compressor - just traction.

When locked the Harrop Eaton ELocker performs as a full locker, capturing 100% of the available torque and sending it equally to both ends of the axle. The ELocker is built with precision-forged gears that are designed to mesh perfectly, providing improved strength and durability over a standard cut gear. Its ease of installation, reliability and push button activation make ELocker an absolute must for all off-road applications.

Key Features:

  • Enhances off-road towing and  performance
  • No external module, compressor or hoses
  • Patented positive-electronic locking
  • Superior serviceable design
  • Push button operation
  • Precision-forged gears
  • 4 Pinion design

Harrop Engineering has the steel carriers for the ELocker cast locally in Australia and then machined in-house at its Preston, Victoria facility. They are machined so that there are no casting marks left on the product.  As with other components, manufactured at Harrop Engineering, they are checked for accuracy on Harrop's Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).

The diffs are hand assembled at Harrop using a combination of parts manufactured locally and sourced from Eaton in the USA.

The locking mechanism is still Eaton’s while many other parts have been optimised for the Harrop applications.  Each ELocker is tested for operation, then has a protective coating applied to it and is finally packaged for shipping out to Harrop’s distributors around Australia and world-wide.


Harrop Engineering has been certified by SAI GLOBAL to the internationally recognised ISO9001 Quality Management System since 1995. 

For more detail on Harrop's commitment to quality, go to this link.