Electric Locker Solutions for Toyota 4x4's

Cruiser Brothers has partnered with Australia's Harrop Engineering to bring Toyota 4x4 owners a quality engineered solution for locked differentials. The Harrop Eaton E-Locker is the perfect choice to lock your Toyota 4x4 vehicle as they work similar to the factory locking differentials and can even be wired to factory switches. Find an E-Locker to fit your Toyota 4WD.

ELocker selectable locking differential technology is the ultimate traction solution for tricky situations. Featuring a patented electromagnetic locking mechanism and 4 pinion forged gear design, ELocker performs as an open differential until you decide that you need more traction.

Designed for 4x4 applications, ELockers can be independently lock or unlock the front or rear differentials when necessary. When locked, the ELocker performs as a full locker, capturing 100% of available torque and sending it equally to both ends of the axle.

Harrop Eaton ELockers are proudly manufactured in Australian with precision-forged gears that are designed to mesh perfectly, providing improved strength and durability over a standard cut gear. Ease of installation, reliability and switch activation make the ELocker an absolute must have accessory for all traction and off-road performance applications.