Got Diesel?

At Cruiser Brothers, we are all about diesel engines, repair kits, parts and accessories.

Our installing shops include nationally recognized experts in diesel conversion, maintenance and repair.

With the launch of our new website and store, we have turned our attention to some unmet needs in the diesel community. Our partners in Australia offer diesel solutions to address a range of needs.

Our three-prong offering includes the FlashLube Catch Can Pro to protect your turbo, valves and rings/pistons from crankcase pollutants in the EGR / recirc system. The FlashLube Diesel Pre-Filter offers a powerful tool to ensure that particulate corruption and water don’t make it to your pump or injectors. Finally, FlashLube Diesel Conditioner helps modern and legacy diesel engines to deal with today’s low-sulfur diesel fuel. Just like lead is no longer seen in pump gas, modern diesel fuel has significantly less sulphur than was seen twenty years ago. Treat your fuel to replace the sulfur that was formerly available to help lubricate your engine.

Taken together, these three components can deliver benefits such as:

  • Reduced emissions
  • Increased power
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Improved fuel economy (Up to 6.5%)
  • Less smoke, oil seepage and fumes
  • Clean Injectors & entire fuel system
  • Lubricate Injectors, pumps & upper cylinder area
  • Exceptional lubricity for low sulphur fuel
  • Compatible with fuel filters & gaskets
  • Extend life of engine components:
    • Injector pump/Injectors
    • Turbo/compressor
    • Pistons/rings
    • Upper engine/valves/EGR system
  • Extend fuel storage life
  • Reduce foam for faster filling
  • Protect against corrosion
  • Dispersant for insoluble gum

Stay tuned for more information as we roll out information about our diesel support platform. You can order online and if you would like to chat with us about shop or reseller opportunities, give Ward a call at 1-800-224-7801. We are here to help.