Terrain Tamer 4WD Parts

Company Overview

Terrain Tamer's corporate parent, Don Kyatt Group, is Australia’s largest supplier of four wheel drive aftermarket parts. Developing, manufacturing and distributing a vast range of parts throughout thirteen international branches, various international stockists and numerous international distributors around the world. Terrain Tamer’s innovative designs have led to; suspension, clutches, bearing kits, gears and more that are modified to be stronger and more durable than their genuine equivalent.

Terrain Tamer got started in the 1960s and continues as a family business almost fifty years later. From Melbourne, Terrain Tamer meets the needs of demanding customers throughout Australia and around the world. Terrain Tamer maintains five warehouses and keeps 30,000 items in stock, serving a range of retail outlets and distribution partners like Cruiser Brothers.

In Australia, Terrain Tamer got its start serving commercial and industrial customers. From the beginning, Land Cruisers and Terrain Tamer have been popular with the miners, while construction and agricultural customers appreciate quality products and a good price. Terrain Tamer invests heavily to develop specialized products in-house for expedition rigs, restorations and weekend adventure vehicles.

Terrain Tamer also supports armored Land Cruiser conversions. These are used as cash trucks, weapons platforms and executive protection vehicles. When you double the weight of a vehicle, OEM just doesn't’t cut it, especially when folks are shooting at you. We can help with upgraded brakes, suspensions, cooling and drive train components to get you home – including on-demand traction from simple but durable elockers.

Terrain Tamer In The US Market

In North America, our vehicles are older and less likely to be used for industrial or commercial purposes. Here, we work them less and wheel them more, resulting in a specialized mix of repair kits, parts and accessories for our needs.

Over here, knuckle kits, wheel bearings, CV joints and steering components are popular service and repair items. Terrain Tamer’s high performance line includes brakes rotors and pads, clutches and modified gears. Eaton-based elockers offer on-demand traction without air lines or leaks.

Terrain Tamer’s suspension offerings compare favorably with the best that Australia and the USA have to offer. Customers report favorably on product quality, ride, durability and value. Their Pro suspension kits include nitro shocks with remote reservoirs – adjustable for height, ride and rebound.

In addition to all those parts, our offering includes the collected wisdom of Terrain Tamer’s technical staff, along with the skill and experience of our shop partners and their staff. It is a big team with lots to offer – to both vehicle owners and new shops joining the tribe.