Braking News

From Day One, our mission has been to deliver OEM quality repair kits, parts and accessories in demand by the marketplace.

Cruiser Brothers and Terrain Tamer listen to our partners, shops and end-users. We seek add to our offering based upon your needs and preferences and we want to hear from you.

An area of success for our shops and end users has been introduction of our High Performance line of brakes from Terrain Tamer. Key elements re slotted and drilled rotors and composite pads that combine to produce amazing results.

In the last year, we have seen over forty installs in offroad Toyotas including: 40, 60, 70, 60, 100 and 200 Series Land Cruisers, along with FJ Cruisers. They are not inexpensive, but offer excellent value over the service life of the components.

User and shop feedback offers reports of:

  • No pulsing with
  • Excellent pedal feel
  • Reduced stopping distances
  • Reduced fade
  • Reduced “dusting”
  • Longer service life

See the review below – it makes us happy to bring good things to our friends.

"Just wanted to give some kudos to the Terrain Tamer rotors, I was caught in an emergency braking situation today running about 70 on the interstate...

Traffic overreacted and went from 70 to 20 mpg and braking was smooth and controlled. I ended up stopping well short of where I thought I would and have to say that my 80 now brakes better than my wife's 100.

Thanks again for the recommendation on the rotors.."

Monte Sharp
Chesapeake VA