The Cruiser Brothers Team

Cruiser Brothers is a national importer of OEM quality repair kits, parts and accessories from Japan and Australia. We have a simple mission – provide great gear to help keep customer rigs on the road and on the trail.

The primary “Cruiser Brother” is Georg Esterer – supported by his family. He has owned Land Cruisers for a long time and has been a Cruiser tech for twenty years. 

The other “Cruiser Brothers and Sisters” are our customers, partners and friends in the Land Cruiser offroad community – including owners of Toyotas, Jeeps, Land Rovers and all other marques.

Georg and his FJ40 buggy
on the cover of Toyota Trails magazine.

Cruiser Brothers' shop truck, the Terrain Tamer Tacoma
hitting the rocks in Texas.

We work with over 30 installing shops and resellers across the country. You won’t see our stuff on Amazon or eBay, but you will see us at regional offroad events as participants and sponsors, in conjunction with our partners and friends.